Arriving in Lyngby

Here’s my very first blog post! I’ve had quite the journey here- my flight left from JFK in New York City at 4:30 on Sunday, and I caught a transfer in Amsterdam at 7:45 a.m. (Amsterdam time) this morning. The flight overseas was great- the plane was mostly empty in the off-season, so I had two seats by the window in which to curl up. For a long time, it didn’t really feel like I was going abroad, probably because I’m always packing and unpacking for little trips to school, Monterey, or friends’ houses in New York and New England. The excitement REALLY started to hit me when (1) I was sitting alone on the plane, with most of the other passengers sleeping (“where’s Rengo?”), and (2) when we flew directly over London. The view of the city at night was unbelievably beautiful- the streetlights turn London into a glowing golden network which is so unlike the dim white lights of American cities at night. I only managed to sleep a little on the plane and spent the rest of the time reading.

Eventually I arrived in Copenhagen! I took the metro and then a bus to DTU (“Danmarks Tekniske Universitet”), but really had no idea where I was supposed to go from there. I ended up getting off the bus way too early, and having to lug my suitcase all the way across campus. This ended up being okay, because I got to stop all the “locals” to ask for directions, and eventually met two other exchange students in the process.

Here are some pictures of my dorm:


That’s right, my own bathroom and everything. The last girl to live here was nice enough to leave some basic household items, like handsoap and dish detergent. The kitchen is fully stocked- plates, cups, pots, pans, utensils, you name it- and the laundry is included in our rent. The Accommodations Office also provided bedding for us.

After a catnap, I went to the grocery store attached to the building. What awesome food!  I wanted to try eating like the Danes, so of course I picked up some Muesli and milk for breakfast, bread (amazing) and cheese (also amazing, but I still smell like it, hours later), fresh fruit (apples from Italy, pears, and bananas), and other little things that looked healthy and appealing.


I spent the rest of my day hanging out with the other students from RPI who are studying at DTU this semester. Most of them arrived on Friday, or even went exploring in Europe before coming to DTU. Tomorrow begins our orientation week, so I’ll be venturing back to Copenhagen to see the sights. Now let’s see if I can manage to keep this blog going!

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2 Responses to Arriving in Lyngby

  1. Auntie Renia says:

    Hi Julie – hope you can keep up the blog. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures. Happy you had a good flight over and found everything with the help of the locals. Luv ya!!! Auntie Renia

  2. Uncle Jack says:

    Hi Julie ! Thanks for allowing us to share in your Danish experience. You reminded me of those crazy Frat boys on the Capital One commercials. I told your Mom one thing I was hoping to learn is whether they eat all those Danish butter cookies there or do they really eat Oreos? Maybe if you got some more of that “long lasting cheese” it would make intruders think twice about robbing your dorm; just sayin’ ! Love you and we look forward to your “captains log”; great job !

    Sov godt!

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