Well, if my mom’s been keeping everyone informed, I’m sick. I lost my voice yesterday and it’s only improved a little today. This bug is so bad that even the Danish kids are getting it! I’m all stocked up on Danish throat drops (intense!), “appelsinjuice”, and fruit, and I’m watching video lectures for my classes tomorrow in bed.

This weekend, my orientation group leader organized an ice skating trip in Fredericksberg. The rink was outdoors, and you only had to pay to rent skates. Near the ice skating rink was a park which must be really beautiful in the spring. We went exploring and found a tree decorated with pacifiers! How weird is this?


One of my RPI friends and I eventually bailed on the skating and went to hunt for a warmer cafe. The barista behind the counter was very proud of her 25-degree establishment! We both had hot chocolate, the preparation of which naturally involves melting solid chocolate into hot milk and then adding extra chocolate just for good measure. Eventually we ended up at a Shawarma place for dinner where I discovered that not even Danish pizza lives up to pizza in CT.


I can’t forget to mention our trip to Christiania. This is a “freetown”- a kind of island attached to the city of Copenhagen which is regulated by its own special law. So basically, it’s a commune of approximately 850 inhabitants. You’re not allowed to take pictures beyond a certain point, but here’s one of Elody near the entrance:


I was really surprised by how well the buildings were kept up- the freetown had a complete hardware store, and most of the homes sported nice, new wood siding. The town even had a school on the beach.

Some more Copenhagen pics:

IMG_1486 IMG_1487

An amber museum! I know where someone’s going when she visits…:


And just one more thing that made me laugh. Looks like I didn’t need to bring maple syrup after all, when they import it straight from “Vertmont”!


Goodnight, from “the happiest country in the world”!

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