Getting Into the Swing of Things

I’m getting ready to start my second week of classes tomorrow. The first week went pretty well, but it was difficult doing group work without a voice! Denmark is all about group work.. they think that almost everyone will have to work in groups in their professional careers, so every class involves two hours of lectures plus two hours of exercises, to be done with your peers. Still, this makes for long Thursdays, when I have eight hours of class!

Here’s something that I found really strange: On Wednesday, I had to go into downtown Lyngby (DTU town) to get a CPR number, which allows me to get free Danish health insurance during my stay. While there, I spotted this new fad which is sweeping Denmark:


Fish spas! You sit with your feet in tubs of water with little fish which eat the dead skin off of your feet. I almost tried it just for the experience, but was just a little too grossed out! I can only imagine a feeding frenzy when you put your feet in, if that’s all the poor fish get to eat!

Here’s more of what Lyngby looks like:




Flowers everywhere! And if you want to see what Scandinavian style looks like:


I’m already busy with homework, but at least I’m not sick anymore! I have plans to make American-style pancakes for dinner tomorrow with another RPI student, so I finally get the chance to break out the maple syrup. Differential Geometry, here I come!

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